Is a New Or Used Car Extended Warranty Worth It?

The debate goes on about whether or not we should purchase an extended vehicle warranty for our cars. The only way to figure out if it’s worth buying an extended vehicle warranty is to do comparisons of quotes. You can find lots of extended warranty companies online, so you’re options are quite extensive. Now, when it comes to buying an extended warranty through a dealership — it’s definitely not worth it. There, you’ll end up spending up to $2,000 more than you have to. A lot of great deals are out there on extended warranties — some even pay just $200 for full benefits. Looking around will allow you to find something that fits within your budget and that you feel is worth purchasing.

The first comparison to make is between the dealership and the actual extended warranty company. Would you rather pay $2,000 for a warranty or $200? Of course you picked $200, so it only makes sense to do your search online instead of dealing with dealership extended warranties. Even the most minor of repairs could run you hundreds of dollars; this will make you see that having a warranty could be very beneficial. Mechanics these days run between $50 to $100 per hour. Even repairing your air conditioner could end up costing you more than a 36 month warranty that covers your entire car.

What you’ll pay for your extended vehicle warranty all depends on where you purchase it from. Of course, if you’re buying it from a dealership, you can expect to pay a whole lot more. Luckily, there are a lot of legit extended vehicle warranties out there that you can get great deals from; and they’re all waiting for you to find them, so that they can give you a quote. When you begin searching the internet for extended warranties, compare the quotes and coverage offered to see which of them is the best to go with.

A Top Ten List of Automotive Extended Warranty Companies

Automotive extended warranties should be a very important part of one’s budget. After the vehicle’s initial warranty expires it would be wise to extend it because unexpected breakdowns can be devastating for one’s finances. A warranty is collateral that is offered by the manufacturer or another insurance provider. This means that if the product or service fails you are entitled to have it repaired or replaced. Let’s look at some of the top providers for automotive extended warranties.

1. Mogi

Mogi is a very recent entrant into the market of insurance. With their technological advances in terms of web based protection and support, Mogi has become the convenient and reliable choice of many consumers. Mogi offers several coverage plans for new and used vehicles. Each plan is tailored to the specific needs of the customer at the lowest rates possible.

2. Warranty Direct

Warranty Direct is very popular due to its wide array of coverage plans at reasonable prices. With more of a track record than Mogi, Warranty Direct has been in the business for 30 years. In terms of reliability you will find no better automotive extended warranty among the other companies. Warranty Direct is one of the largest warranty companies in North America making it very appealing to buyers looking for a safe and reliable purchase.


Another well-known name; CARCHEX provides several automotive extended warranties. Plans for new and used vehicles add to the diversity of this company.

4. Stop Repair Bills

Stop Repair Bills will cover almost any vehicle. Most of their customers have vehicles over 12 years old. This company’s boldness has earned it a household name for good reason.

5. U.S. Fidelis

U.S. Fidelis is one of the largest automotive extended warranty companies in the United States. U.S. Fidelis offers many economic plans for new vehicles. This provider is a wise choice for those looking for an established company.

6. U.S. Direct

U.S. Direct is another exclusive provider in the United States. This automotive extended warranty company boasts a solid track record and excellent customer service.

7. Fidelity Automotive

Fidelity provides extended warranties to both new and used cars. To go along with their coverage, Fidelity also offers excellent customer service with roadside assistance and repair.

8. Auto Protection

Auto Protection is smaller than the other providers; to compensate for this Auto Protection offers excellent customer service and makes their policies very clear.

9. Endurance Protection

Another small automotive extended warranty provider; Endurance Protection offers several incentives such as instant savings and roadside assistance.

10. Auto Service Warranty

Auto Service Warranty provides used and new automobile coverage. Automotive extended warranties are provided at very economical pricing.